Corporate History

The Origins From the first period after WWII until the early sixties, with an economy still largely agricultural, transport and earthmoving services were carried out by owner driverswith an individual property who carried out itineraries or work under contract, for the agricultural and construction sectors.

1975 Garc was founded in the mid-seventies, by an intuition of five craftsmen: the absence in the territory of a services company for the building sector, responsible for the full work cycle and operating with Its own workers and earth moving machines.

Eighties In the Eighties Garc continues with the development of Building Services, with up equipment pools constantly updated, efficient and at the forefront in terms of technology. Garc extends and completes the range of services also specializing in the sectors: demolition, sheet piling pose, maintenance of sewerage systems and courtyard areas.

Nineties In the decade since, reaches its highest growth in services for the construction industry, Garc orients its targets of development in the area in which it has the greatest knowledge and experience. Was born in this way the Constructions and Infrastructures Division, capable of designing and construct buildings for civil and industrial use.

1994 Continuing to pursue the policy of specialization, but also diversification, Garc created her own Environmental Services Division. A complex and articulated unity which quickly becomes a reference point in the sector, both for public and private customers.

2000 Garc obtains by one of the certification companies appointed by the Authority for the Supervision of Public Works, the Bentley SOA certification, attesting the existence of all the elements of qualification, or with the requirements of EU Community provisions concerning the qualification of performers of public works.

2001 Born Modena Asfalti, a company specializing in public works, such as: maintenance road networks, urban parks and gardens, sewers and courtyard areas. From 2011 the company was merged in Garc SpA.

2002 In 2002 Garc obtains the Environmental Certification UNI EN ISO 14001. In the environmental sector is capable of handling every type of waste collection, transportation and disposal of all types of waste: be it solid, liquid, non-hazardous or even dangerous subject to regulations ADR.

Energie Rinnovabili

2008 Garc constitutes Covertech, a company specializing in roofing, plumbing, asbestos removal and construction of plants for the production of energy from solar sources. In it converges the know-how of more than 30 years of experience of some professionals of the sector. In 2012 the company was merged in Garc SpA.

2009 Garc obtains the Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 for the construction, maintenance and restructuring of industrial buildings. Hydraulic works, reclamation and environmental protection, of urbanization and movement earth.


2011 Garc continues its commitment to of environmental protection and, in a joint venture with a major company in the sector constitutes Ca.Re. srl. An area of 15,000 square meters, an investment of approximately 10 Mln Euro for a platform entirely dedicated to the collection, treatment and disposal of industrial waste solids and liquids.

Beyond The company continues to pursue its vocation, want to have an increasingly leading role, broaden their horizons into new territorial areas with the opening of branches and representative offices abroad. Reorganizes and optimizes its divisions, for respond even more effectively with more comprehensive and sophisticated technologies and services, to demands of the market.