Garc SpA is a general contractors construction company.

Founded in 1975, around 40 years of activity has achieved very high levels of expertise designing and constructing buildings for civil and industrial use; infrastructure works such as: urbanization, plants and technological networks.

The technical knowledge, extraordinary instrumental equipment combined with organizational skills, have allowed the company to produce works of high complexity and quality in the role of General Contractor with its own workers or using qualified subcontractors. Garc is a dynamic company that believes and invests in new generations, allocates significant resources to training and safety.

Garc is a solid Italian company capable to compete on a par with the major national players. Since 2011 he is also active beyond national borders, with two companies in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman.

The group, through their own management, undertakes to operate in accordance with environmental, ethical and professional principles; conform to the highest international standards of governance and citizenship.


We plan to promote the need for buildings and services as elements that interact with the environment within a positive relationship.
They will be complete systems that will create value and satisfaction. We will accompany our customers into this new world, true to our values, inspired by principles of common well-being.


Garc S.p.A. and the companies of the group have national dimensions but international ambitions..

We intend to further increase our specialisation in the construction of complex works, to develop constructive solutions that are able to enhance the resources of the territories and contribute to the economic and social growth of people. To elevate our role as Main Contractor,leveraging on the extraordinary human and professional heritage at our disposal and on technological and organisational innovation; to become an important figure even in the development of large and complex work.


The company’s offer involves the three main areas of expertise: Constructions and Infrastructures, Environmental Services and Renewables Energy, and is characterized by full-service contract solutions composed of a modular and integrated range of services to cover the realization of entire project. Whether it’s a new construction, decommissioning of an dismissed area, the construction of a photovoltaic plant; or all of this and more in a single intervention .

Garc offers feasibility study and projectual technical consultancy, performs remediations and demolitions, builds buildings inclusive of infrastructures, plants and technological networks; also taking care of their post-delivery maintenance. Advantages of Garc proposal are cost efficiency, quality and professionalism also certified in environmental management of the site, definite times of execution and high standards of safety.