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Laying Sheet Piling

[beginrw /][twelvecl]Traditionally they are called Divisions, in reality do not exist in Garc SpA rigid subdivisions by area of activity. Every day takes a real synergistic integration, a prerequisite to multidisciplinary demand from the market, with all the processes and controls necessary to ensure professional standards and certified technicians. In this specific case the Building Services Division works in symbiosis with the other divisions, realizing: demolition, excavation, earthmoving, excavation and leveling the ground for Garc sites and for third parties clients.[/twelvecl][endrw /]


[beginrw /][accordiongroup id=”building services”]
[accordion id=”accordion1″ title=”Demolitions” state=”active”]

  • Civil and Industrial Demolitions

Controlled Demolitions
Selective Demolitions

[accordion id=”accordion2″ title=”Excavations and Earthmoving” state=”active”]

  • Excavations
  • Earthmoving
  • Laying Sheet Piling
  • Asphalting

[accordion id=”accordion3″ title=”Heavy Equipment Rental with Operator”][/accordion]

[accordion id=”accordion4″ title=”Building Materials”][/accordion]

[/accordiongroup][endrw /]


Antress Industry, Coca Cola HBC Italia, Dow Italia, Evobus, Greda, Ikea, Intertaba, Leonardus, Liu•Jo, Marchesini Group, Meccanica GN, Sapi, Tecnoform, Tetra Pak Italiana, Wamgroup, Wienerberger, Zenit Group


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